This is Sanaphantastron!

Genres played by 'Sanaphantastron'

Chipdance is a good danceable music. A rhythm generated by the computer is used. Normally, drum samples from legendary drum computers (e.g., Roland TR909) are used. At a tempo between 120 and 140 bpm, the beat is more or less oriented towards House.

Technica is elaborate arranged music, in which mostly synthetically generated vocal voices and sometimes also voices occur. In addition to synthesizers, there may be any kind of musical instrument. Above all, there are generally more or less long guitar parts. Regarding the rhythm, the Technica style is less defined. But a continuous beat is always to be found. The tempo is normally in the range of 130 and 170 bpM.

Nerdpunk is a type of punk, with the essential features of the punk missing. The singing sounds rather gentle. Also, there are no rhythms that are even remotely approximated to e.g. Pogo remember. It is computer-generated music. This is accompanied by a more distorted guitar. The only common thing with punk is the philosophy, namely, that there is none. Apart from "No Future". But also this philosophy is missing in the Nerdpunk.

Essential features of Mushbox are a repetitive rhythm and a harmony based on one chord. The tonal structure can be realized with conventional musical instruments. However, in the center there are also only sounds and sound effects. It's a good danceable music with a tempo in the range of 120 to 150 bpm.

Snailtrance is a quieter music with a catchy vocal melody and a rhythm in the range of 110 to 130 bpm. There may be certain elements of trance in Snailtrance, but not the typical rhythm.

Slightrock always has a guitar sound that can be heard over the entire title. Unlike Technica, the guitar is more focused on the Slightrock. Singing or voices are the exception. With typically rock rhythms, the tempo is normally in the range of 120 to 160 bpm.

Foreignbeat is a music without a real beat. Classical rhythm instruments such as drums or cymbals are missing. Sometimes Foreignbeat consists only of spherical sounds, in other cases a rhythm is recognizable in the sounds or is determined by delay effects. Foreignbeat can also be made with conventional instruments, e.g. Guitars.

At Rubbishbat, the thematic component is a bearing element. With a slightly faster beat at the tempo of about 135 and 155 bpM, it is superficially about cultural, political or philosopic topics. In fact, these contents are, however, without deeper meaning. Typical for the Rubbishbat is the excessive use of samples. Often, one also hears musically twisted or completely oblique sounds.

Extraterrestrial is understood to mean music whose harmony is not based on the usual scales or the twelve-tone system. There are therefore not twelve tones per octave, but more or less uniformly distributed pitches. This also includes sixteen-note music, with 16 notes per octave. From a terrestrial point of view, this could be seen as a consistent development of twelve-tone music. It is said, however, that it was handed down to us by another planet.

Testnoise is mostly about minimalistic electronic music. It contains very experimental components. For example, often fully-synthetic vocal voices, artificially generated drums, or random-based sounds. The rhythm in the range of approx. 110 to 170 bpM is often very mechanical.

This is my personal website for my Sanaphantastron music project. The published music was composed, arranged and recorded by the artist and is not subject to GEMA regulations. Any use of the content beyond personal information, in particular music, texts, images, drawings, photos and videos, requires my written approval!