This is Sanaphantastron!

About the means of 'Sanaphantastron'

The guitarist of Sanaphantastron uses only cheap no-name guitars, which are now well-known mainly produced in China. The quality level of such guitars is now better in comparison to previous cheap guitars, such as the so-called 'Hertie Caster'. Most importantly is, what you play on the guitar, says Che Guitare.


To do so, it must be mainly clean and well adjusted. And that goes with such guitars. Moreover, it is always a challenge to get the maximum out of guitars of this kind. To this end, he partly also combines the components of various low-cost guitars into a new guitar. Thus, the shown telecaster copy was e.g. from the parts of two cheap guitars. The sound of these guitars, compared to the models of Fender or Gibson gives the music of Sanaphantastron an originality.

Che Guitare today mainly uses a Zoom G2 multi-effect device and a volume pedal, occasionally some more floor effect devices. The G2 has, in contrast to newer versions, a well-readable double-digit seven-segment digital display that can be read easily from a distance. He also uses various homebrew retro effects.

Sanaphantastron only uses virtual synthesizers and sequencers. Only one exception is currently an old Casio SA-1 Tonebank. Hand played keyboard parts are otherwise connected via midi-controller keyboards to synthesizer software on computers. The most used software is Dreamstation 1, TS404, Synth1, Schism and Audacity.


In addition to real vocals, voices are often produced with the computer. Among others using Espeak and post-processing with vocoder software. Otherwise, natural voice software is also used. A large part of the currently available recordings were produced and mixed with a Win XP Samsung Netbook NC10. Further material came with an old Dell Optiplex USFF office computer under Win XP and Linux Mint.


This is my personal website for my Sanaphantastron music project. The published music was composed, arranged and recorded by the artist and is not subject to GEMA regulations. Any use of the content beyond personal information, in particular music, texts, images, drawings, photos and videos, requires my written approval!