This is Sanaphantastron!

Some infos about 'Sanaphantastron'

Sanaphantastron is a non genre fixed virtual synth and electric guitar music project and a live combo from Northern Germany. So it is a mixture of a conventional music band of different orientations and an experimental music project. The central idea is making music with minimal equipment. For this Sanaphantastron works in changing formations and with various musicans. Among others there are influences from Space Rock, Goa, Proto Punk, Krautrock and from the Trance area. Occasionally Sanaphantastron presents a colorful music program live in changing settings. Main producer, composer, arranger, manager and concept developer is Claus Schmidt from Hamburg / Northern Germany, also known as Che Guitare.

The origins of Sanaphantastron go back in the mid-1970s, when one incorporate the technology intentionally into the artistic concept by using mostly home-built amplifiers and effect devices. One were inspired mainly by experimental German bands, which were mostly assigned to the Krautrock. The name Sanaphantastron refers to the circuits Sanaphant and Phantastron that was used to generate electronic sounds with vacuum tubes.

"The very first electronic musical instruments worked with tubes. Synthesizers are the epitome of electronic musical instruments. The first music synthesizers worked with transistors. Very soon integrated circuits were used, which summarized various transistors in a single component. This synthesizers was well suited for the home brew, as guitar effects units too. Virtual synthesizers are computer programs. Computer chips are also working with transistors. The music comes from a transistor bude, a virtual music machine."

(Che Guitare)

This is my personal website for my Sanaphantastron music project. The published music was composed, arranged and recorded by the artist and is not subject to GEMA regulations. Any use of the content beyond personal information, in particular music, texts, images, drawings, photos and videos, requires my written approval!