This is Sanaphantastron!

The actors of 'Sanaphantastron'


Fahco Labuel is responsible for sequencers, synthesizers, drums and vocals at Sanaphantastron since 2008. He says, he came from the planet Tenalphtrae, which was located approximately on the opposite side of the Milky Way.

Sally Aidualc is an artist and musician, the latter mainly as a singer. And she’s an angel. You can hear her on Only Grey, As A Loser, Teddy Bear and Fun Song.


Little Joe makes as bass guitarist the low notes. Several times he supported Sanaphantastron live and he played the bass guitar on Vetopower. Krautrock and the music of many other progressive rock bands are his musical inspirations.

Che Guitare is the Sanaphantastron guitarist and DJ. He’s a crazy sound tinkerer, hobbyist and electronic freak. Che Guitare is founder and leader of Sanaphantastron.


Teddy Tomate is a music-making old bear made of plush. It is still one of the designs filled with straw. It is said that Teddy Tomate has a decisive influence on the music of Sanaphantastron.

Harald Edgar Puempel isn't actively involved in the music of Sanaphantastron. He's a writer, poet and artist and also conducted the interview with Che Guitare and Fahco Labuel.


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