This is Sanaphantastron!

vaj Dunqu'taHvIS 'Sanaphantastron"?

Sanaphantastron QI'yaH-genre-waw' virtual synth e-HurDagh-QoQ jInmol 'ej ghojmoHwI'pu'na' combo, vo' northern DoyIchlan. vaj DuD potlhmeyDaq ghom, pIm orientations jInmol experimental QoQ je. qech 'elbogh vay' minimal luch QoQ. Qap Sanaphantastron neH formations choH 'ej ghaH Sar muchwI'. moH pa' logh nagh, goa, proto punk, krautrock je trance mIchHom. rut, colourful programme QoQ, Dan Sanaphantastron yIn 'ej Qap qaStaHvIS pIm settings. Claus Schmidt vo' hamburg ghap North DoyIchlan 'elbogh producer, composer, organizer, vu'wI', concept developer, je known je Che Guitare.

nep mung sanaphantastron neH mid-70s, consciously integrated cham pa' artistic concept pong mostly juH-qach amplifier 'ej lo' HoS units. rewbe'mey'e' pong experimental german wa' pIlmoH assigned ghom krautrock rewbe'mey'e'. pong refers Sanaphantastron circuits, chenmoH sanaphant 'ej phantastron. ghaH tlhejmeH va wab je vacuum tubes.

This is my personal website for my Sanaphantastron music project. The published music was composed, arranged and recorded by the artist and is not subject to GEMA regulations. Any use of the content beyond personal information, in particular music, texts, images, drawings, photos and videos, requires my written approval!